31 August 2014

The Glasgow Wedding Collective

Refreshing my emails like I do, I was delighted when an invite popped up to attend The Glasgow Wedding Collective. When I say delighted, I mean ECSTATIC. The reason for my overload of excitement.. yeah you've guessed it. I'm a wedding whore. Anything that screams romance, lace and church bells - I'm interested. Ever since I was of age (to know what it means to marry the love of your life) I was obsessed. I dream of the day I get married and the whole idea of the 'can't live without each other kinda love'. I'm very fortunate to receive such an invite -  I really love embracing this type of event. 

The lovely Lisa from Palompo PR got in touch and of course I said I would attend. Here's a snippet from The Glasgow Wedding Collective website which is spot on - 

"The aim of the Glasgow Wedding Collective is to handpick and bring together a selection of exciting, independent and vintage style wedding suppliers handpicked from throughout Scotland. We wanted to create somewhere for couples to find like-minded top quality companies who pride themselves in their creativity and are usually found more off the beaten wedding track. The GWC showcases all that’s good and unique in the industry and give brides a chance to create a day in their own individual style. Our range of suppliers not only compliment each other beautifully but having collaborated on many a wedding together they create the best possible service & styling team’s around."

The venue was beautiful. The lighthouse - Glasgow is a fantastic place to hold such an event. 

For anyone looking for out the box wedding ideas then you totally need to hit up this type of event. It's quirky and oozes freshness. 

Ok let's cut to the fashion. First of all I would LOVE to point out - I made a huge fashion poo poo. Let me explain.. I recently went on a hippie phase and got my ears pierced, I know crazy. Anyway I ended up giving myself 2nd degree burns on my ears because I sprayed a can of Savlon too close. Not advised folks. Anyhoo I turned up to The lighthouse and my ears were about to fall off. I had planned on wearing my pretty boots but instead opted for flip flops, which btw are my everyday footwear (but you don't need to know that). I was in a a stupid amount of pain so I could not even deal with heals. yay. (They are healing btw)

First of all - When I get married .. It will be in a vintage dress. Shown above. LOVE.

Secondly - I will most defiantly have these two beauty's in attendance. What a lovely, exciting and beautiful partnership this is. They have my dream job with the most fantastic IDEAS. Behold The Bygone Photo Booth Company. Please check out their Facebook page and you will totally get what I'm talking about. Love love love.

Other than a cool drawn bear and THE BEST CAKES IN THE WORLD. Thirdly - I love you and I want to eat these every day in my life forever. Thanks 

Here's the full ensemble - My beautiful blouse is from Next, One of the items I picked with my prize moneys. Leather trousers from Primark. Bag - Karen Millen. Flips flops are a quid.. 

My pal Naomi - gorg.

Some stunning drinks that I couldn't have cause my ears were going to explode. Apparently they were delicious. I had water.

My lovely friend Naomi and I playing with props.

Blogger Amanda from Honey pop kisses  styling this beautiful model. She explained why she had chosen this vintage look. In love with these flowers.

Blogger Claire from Bee Waits styling her model. Beautiful look. Little blue rainbow drop so she is - wuv.

This look was styled by Blogger Lucy from Florals and Corals

Blogger Sheri from Forever yours Betty styling her model in pretty pink.


FAVE bloggers.

The lovely Lisa from Palompo PR

Oh and I got to make my own name bag!! YAY to tags. Had such a lovely night, it was cut short due to my stupid ears but totally loved it!! 

28 August 2014

Grey hair don't care

I gots me some new hair didn't I? When you have had jobbie brown hair all your life, it can test your patience. I mean your used to the brown hair, it's safe and natural. Your the girl your partner can take home to meet the folks, the girl who looks great with a tan and the girl who never takes risks. I have always envied the girls who are really creative with their hair. Especially blonde's who seem to suit every hair colour under the sun. I have always wanted to play about with colours in my hair and not even think twice about it. I came across this stage in my life were brown hair was just now doing it for me anymore. Not only was it boring but I felt it didn't represent who I am or what I'm about anymore.

I had a few problems though that I felt I had to over come..

  1. I was stuck in the Essex generation where big, wavy and beautiful hair was only acceptable.
  2. The place I live is so far from city life, where everyone and everything is accepted. 
  3. My own self esteem lacked and like a lot of people were very nervous about stepping out of their comfort zone.
I then came to the conculusion that if I was able to forget all the hurdles and do the whole 'Do what makes you happy' then I could finally concur a new hair do. Which is exactly what I had done. SO I have gotten over all my hurdles and I am ready to open my mind to the wonderful world of colourful hair. My first step was to find something I liked. Que inspiration below....

First of all how unbelievably HOT are the Brooke twins? They have the most incredible hair colours. I was in love. I was also very conscious of not coping anyone because I understand how frustrating it can be. You dye your hair to be different not to look like everyone else. Which led me to GREY.

Grey? Grey hair? Surely no, it's so old and ageing and FABULOUS. Before I knew it I had instagramed every grey haired gal about!! I didn't know anyone that had it and instantly wanted it on my heed!. After consulting with a few hairdressers, I soon learned this was going to be a big job. Most hairdressers wouldn't touch it. It's expensive, time consuming and risky. Not only would they lose out on money doing it but there would be no guarantee my hair would even take!. 

Until I consulted with my fabulous new friend Aoife Pomphrett from Wonderland Salon in Livingston. We have a lot of mutual friends so it was very much done as a ONE OFF. I'm afraid unless you were thinking about investing you would need to find another stylist but none the less she was incredible. The amount of work she put into it, ensuring it was all technically perfect was amazing.

Aoife works in Wonderland  and my god I could not recommend this salon enough. I'm not usually a big lover of salons. They can be a quite intense and uncomfortable environment. Also with me having jobbie brown hair, I never really thought to maintain it that much and was not in a salon that often. Wonderland changed my mind!! 

From their Facebook page..


Wonderland in Livingston is a premium service hair and beauty salon. Beautiful hair, an enchanted experience - enriched with quality.
visit www.wonderlandlivingston.co.uk for more information
Wonderland hair and beauty salon located in Livingston. A stones throw from the centre with private parking. We focus on creating your experience. Our team are creative, dynamic, passionate and well educated in hair and beauty. You can book online at www.wonderlandlivingston.co.uk or feel free to use our visual hair planner for an online consultation.
I arrived at Wonderland and was straight away greeted by the super friendly staff. My jacket was taken and I was asked to take a seat in their waiting area. Stunning to say the least, it reminded me of a really chic apartment in Amsterdam. Really refreshing. When I sat down with the stylist, I was informed that I had an array of head and hand massages that was included with my hair make over. Too many to mention but what a surprise! I was also offered every flavour of tea in the world! They also have a special tea that gets brought in to tingle your tastebuds. Not only was the salon so on point but the staff were waiting on me hand and foot, ensuring my visit was nothing short of perfect. 

I was in all day with Aoife as it was a huge job but what an amazing job she done. She is such a credit to the salon and I couldn't recommend her enough. Wonderland is going over and above any expectations you may have of a hair and beauty salon. To top it off they were recently nominated as a finalist for The British Hairdressing Buisness Awards 2014. Doesn't surprise me at all, the creative team who own the salon are extremely talented. I wish you guys all the best in London!!

My hair journey...

The final look..


19 August 2014

August Wish list




18 August 2014

#INSTABLUR by The Body Shop

First thing's first. We are all very aware that I have branded myself a 'Fashion Blogger' and I still am. However, I did say to myself that if there was anything else I wanted to dabble into I wouldn't restrict myself. Wether that be Mental health (which I have covered and plan to do more in the future) but also things like lifestyle and beauty. I'm very much with the mindset 'see how it goes' and if I'm interested in a product or situation I am more than happy to write about it. 

Beauty for me is a huge part of my life. Make-up, treatments and just taking good care of yourself. If only I could spend more time and $$$'s on it. I was DELIGHTED to be sent an INSTABLUR* from The Body Shop (Glasgow Fort) to review and write my thought's on it. One of the most annoying things for me when I'm reading a beauty blog is when there is no pictures of the finished product. I want to see you using it and what it looks like on! So I have bombarded my first beauty post with lots of pictures of my pus :)

Let's break it down.

What it says on the tube..

"This all-new face perfector blurs imperfections, giving you flawless photo-perfect skin in an instant! With Community Fair Trade marula oil.
- Five action perfector:
- Shine Controlling 12h
- Reduces appearance of pores 
- Blemish Hiding
- Complexion Unifying
- Make-up Extending"

My thought's..

I was a little skeptical about using primer as I used to use the Benefit Pore professional. It completely put me off using any sort of primer on my face. It stayed in my pores and was forever giving me spot's. As you can imagine my attitude towards primer was pretty shit. I love The Body Shop and I have never had a bad word to say about any of their products. Which then lead me to be very optimistic about trying the INSTABLUR all in one out!!

What's the verdict?..
I put a tiny little bit on the back of my hand to see how it first applies. My initial reaction was 'it's nice and smooth' I then went on to smell it and was surprised to find out there was practically no smell at all. I had read some review's saying it smelled awful. Which is a bit bizarre to me cause honestly no smell of it and my wee nose is like an investigator!!. I started to apply onto my T zone, chin under nose, fore head. I LOVED the feeling to it which I was really surprised at. With it being really silky smooth it left my skin feeling like velvet. My skin is in poor condition at the moment due to stress but this seemed to balance my skin tone out. I kept holding back when I was applying it thinking right!? there must be a fault somewhere!? not that I can see yet. I really did put on the tiniest amount maybe like half a pea size on the main areas. I even started to put on my non blemish bits with the 'fuck it' attitude, I got INSTA
BLUR happy. 

I stopped wearing foundation a while ago to try let my skin breathe even though I still get hunners eh spots!! NIGHTMARE. Anyhoo I use a BB cream and I started to apply this over the Instablur. OMG what is happening!!! it's so flawless and my bb cream isn't sinking into all my dry bits and blemishes. It's actually covering and has such a high coverage!. UNREAL. I had to kinda stop smiling to myself in the mirror to save me from being to much of a gimp. 

Truth be told, I went out for dinner had a few glasses of wine went home. Was my makeup still on? YUP. What I tend to find when I wear BB cream is I get shiny pretty quickly and I'm forever applying my powder. After dinner I looked in the mirror - NO SHINE. It was so nice because it meant I didn't have a cake load of makeup on which is my pet hate. 

I had found the new essential in my make-up bag.. 
Just goes to show you shouldn't tar everything with the same brush and you should try new products! I am over the moon at the results and truly do leave you with a make-up extending natural look! 
Exactly what I'm looking for!


Thanks again to Suzanne from Hummingbird Communications, The Body Shop and Glasgow Fort.

Coco made her do it is a PR friendly blog. This means that from time to time I am sent products or items to try out and consider for a review or post. All thoughts, opinions and ideas are always my own and I would never feature something on Coco made her do it that I didn't truly love or believe in or like. I am always very honest with my readers just as I expect others to be with me. If I have been sent something by a company it will be marked with a (*) so that you are aware and can keep track if you wish. If you are a PR and would like to contact me please feel free to e-mail me: cocofindlay@gmail.com


16 August 2014

#OOTD - I'm so fancy..


We all need a classic, fancy wee outfit don't we? The type you can put on and feel like you have 20 quid in your pocket. I was going for a cute wee pub dinner and wanted a cute wee dinner ootfit. 

I picked this jacket up from a pop up vintage store in Edinburgh and it was a bargain for about £25!. This jacket has been featured  before but I LOVE it. Now it's practically Autumn, I knew I had to dig this baby out. Expesh now in Scotland it's freezing. With an over sized blazer you tend to find it creates a smarter look. If it's on the tight side it can easily look a bit  cheap and it would take a really super nice blazer to convince me to buy it!

I paired this beauty with indigo, skinny, high waist-ed jeans from Primark (which by the way is my new fave). I am sooooo convinced that a high waist-ed jean is so much more flattering. It takes away the fear of that dreaded muffin top which most jeans create for us girls. As they are a soft stretch type denim they just hug your hips in the most dreamy way!

My cami top is from ASOS which I got 2nd hand on Ebay for like a fiver! It's one of these tops that is a key piece in my wardrobe and I will never get rid of! I never got a picture of the back but its spaghetti straps with a cross over back. Very sexual indeed.

Then of course my patent nude heels from ZARA. Forever reliable and beautiful. Classic shoe of course. Probs slightly wrecked but I'm no geeing a feck. To finish it off my stunning Karen Millen bag which will be more than featured over the next coming months.

OVB what's the most classic dinner to go with your classic outfit?
CLASSIC STEAK PIE N CHIPS AE? All washed doon with a glass of red. 


14 August 2014

I believe in miracles..


I was very lucky to be invited to a beautiful champagne brunch from the http://www.wecraveit.com/ team! They were launching a really interesting new product for bloggers and other creatives in the industry. A selected group were asked to come along and be the guinea pigs to try it out! I can't express how much their product is going to be SOOOOO helpful in the blogging world! It's all very technical, I won't bore you with the details. But for me I LOVED it!.

There was a fantastic group there and it was really cool to see some of Scotland's most talented creatives. The BBC were also in attendance whom was recording their own series. Which of course I ended up blabbing away a load of crap in front of the camera which will be terrible!! We were then filled with tea, champagne, sandwiches and cake!! so yummy.

Dress, Jeans = Primark
Boots = H&M

WHERE YOU FROM, YOU SEXY THING. I still cannot believe this dress is from Primark. Such a buy!! I paired this beautiful dress with some jeans and cleated boots. I was worried in case it was cold in Edinburgh and to my surprise it was roasting!!! I had far to many layers on, although I was really comfy. This dress can be buttoned all the way to the bottom for a maxi look or worn slightly open for a more grunge look. You could go as far to say this can be worn over a bikini on holiday. Super versatile. 

I also got to meet some gorgeous bloggers! Emily fromwww.frankly-ms-shankly.blogspot.co.uk and Louise from www.lovefromloulou.com both lovely girls and no doubt catch them at some other events. 

Thanks again to Lynne and Ruth for a fantastic morning. I can't wait to trial the product more and if only every Thursday morning was spent like today!

12 August 2014

Behind THAT mental health post

Writing a blog post when your angry may or may not be a good idea. As I'm not typically the angry type, it has however gave me some drive to write. I'm angry because there seems to be an increasingly amount of idiots on Facebook. Idiots who want to go out there way to be very offensive and insensitive to anyone dealing with a mental health illness. This comes after the very sad news that Robin Williams tragically took his own life. This sparked of course a huge wave of tributes online for the inspirational star. Then came the comments of the less educated and ill-informed. It was so sad to read. There is alot of people who feel so strong about raising awareness. It surprises me STILL if someone hasn't been through it then they completely disregard it. Heartbreaking. Rest in peace Robin Williams.

After writing my previous post on '41 things that happen when dealing with a mental health illness' I have had a huge confident boost. Not the type of confident boost where I suddenly want to get my tits out. The type of boost where I want to write/talk/campaign about mental health so all the fuckwits in the world can finally be educated in mental health.

The lead up to me writing the post was a strange one. I done the whole should I shouldn't I? which I know a lot of bloggers face. Not only is writing about mental health extremely personal but it's almost putting it into real life. It's there in black in white, In writing and so then it must be true! Of course dealing with a mental health illness myself, your almost then accepting that it's true. It must be true if it's on the internet. You can't hide away from it like you try and do in your head. You can't put that pretend smile on because it's easier. No it's on the internet,  your feelings and your thoughts. 

 I do think to myself, I should have spent more time on the post. I never covered even half of what we have to deal with! Then I remembered "right coco no-one wants to read a 4,000 page blog either". It was an extremely compulsive written post. I woke up one morning last week with a super stressful day ahead of me and I just had all these ideas flowing. They always say that's the best time to write!.

 I was on my way to a work meeting to discuss my mental health. Which meant I went into overdrive. With thought's racing like - "Of course they are going to be judgmental", "I will have to justify myself", "They won't understand". AND was I right? of course I was. The problem with work places is they have extreme pressures from up the line to make sure every box is ticked. Which then leads them to asking questions to people like me (who is at the worst of their illness) things like - "Well how long does therapy take to make you better?" and " How long before they tablets kick in?". To the average person this might not sound bad at all. Almost like what are you fussing about? To the people who have been at the front line of dealing with mental health problems will LAUGH. Laugh at the fact it is the most absurd and stupid things you could ever ask. How the fuck do we know? Cause I can sure as hell tell you that the doctor won't know. If the doc don't know then what chance do I have?

The amazing response I had from girls and guys all over the internet was incredible. When I started to read the messages, I was filled with tears. Tears of relief. It is so easy to forget your not alone. OVB we aren't alone! There are billions of us in the world, so why would we even think that!? It's not us that's thinking it though, it's our illness. Our illness blinds us of reality and can consume us more than you could ever imagine. 

I had messages from people I know and don't know , thanking me for sharing such a raw and personal post. Baring your soul in your writing is not only honest but it's true and that's why people can relate to it. Your not hiding anything or making thing's up. I'm not trying to be someone else nor be that person that's looking for attention. I want to be that person who represents us. The messages were filled with love and support. From people suffering from depression, anxiety, OCD, BPD and many more they have reached out to me thanking me for the support. 

To be really honest it got me thinking... It's clear that some of us obviously do want to speak about it and some of us don't. Some of the girls who contacted me were so open and almost comfortable speaking about it which I wish more people could do. Someone stopped me when I was out for lunch and said she herself was suffering from OCD and she loved my post. I was so touched that she even came up to me!

There's something missing. Is it support? encouragement? understanding? so many things and so many questions I have which I'm sure we all have. How could help? Is there anything else I could do? I really want to maybe start writing a mental health related post at least once a month. Do you think that's a good idea? Do people want to read what I have to say? You tell me, I honestly don't know. 

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who had taken the time to contact me and make me feel like it was ok to speak about it. 

The ‘Florabundance’ Collection

Scottish Fashion Label, nicci.n. Announces the Highly Anticipated ‘Florabundance’ Collection

I met Nicola the fashion creator behind nicci.n at the fashion loves music event a few weeks back! We totally hit it off and I couldn't wait to see the final collection. The website is now fully up and running which looks fantastic. I was asked along to the photoshoot which looked amazing but unfortunately wasn't feeling my best. 

The press release below was written by the talented writer Jadine Arnold and goes into perfect detail for the new collection. 

Emerging Scottish fashion label, nicci.n. are thrilled to announce the new Spring/Summer 14 collection, Florabundance. Nicci.n. is a unique and edgy womenswear label focusing on differentiation with an eye for printing techniques such as hand-painting and digital print.

‘Florabundance’ is the highly anticipated Spring/Summer 14 collection by nicci.n. The collection is inspired by the floral trend where silhouettes are ruffled and flared mixed with fabric manipulation and hand-dye techniques. Illustrated floral drawings are present which emphasise the Florabundance theme and an exciting colour palette of Lilac, Navy, Cream and Wine make the collection unique and original. Funky pieces such as leatherette cropped leggings, navy snakeprint midi-length dresses and hand-dyed pencil skirts own the collection which is all designed and made in Scotland.

The collection is available from the newly launched e-commerce website, www.niccin.com and prices range from between £35-£140

“Incorporating artistic features such as hand-dyeing and illustrative drawings gives the collection a real hand-made element. This makes the collection very distinctive and eye catching.” -Designer/Director – Nicola A Gardner

nicci.n. was created by Nicola Alexandra Gardner from Edinburgh and was founded in 2012. After graduating with a BA Honours Degree from Heriot-Watt University in 2009 and a Masters Degree in International Fashion Marketing in 2010 at the George Davies Centre for Retail Excellence, Nicola was awarded a Business Enterprise Award for her business plan. She then went on to exhibit at Graduate Fashion Week in London and gained invaluable work experience with other designers before launching the business.
Since launching the label, Nicola has collaborated with upmarket womenswear boutique, Meloosha and tartan design company, Sakura Scotland. Her collections have been well received by customers and press alike and have featured in numerous national and international magazines and newspapers.

For all enquiries including press please email – bebeautiful@niccin.co.uk 

For further information on nicci.n. please visit-
www.niccin.com, www.facebook.com/niccin.womenswear, www.twitter.com/nicci_n_

Photography-Natalie Baxter Models-Linda Young & Zoe Gilchrist Mua-Georgia Sinclair Hair stylist-Stephanie Craig Assistants-Jadine Arnold & Katie McGuire