3 July 2014

Orange is the new black

Dedicating this post to my fave series Orange is the new black.  I'm wearing something Orange which meant I had something to relate it to! I'm also gutted that I have watched both season 1 and 2, Which now means I have nothing decent to watch!!!

"So I'm sitting there, BBQ sauce on ma titties"

"She a lesbian, They lesbianing together."

This was literally a thrown together outfit. This outfit was purley a 'Poppin oot to get a chippie and heading to the hubbys hoose' kinda outfit. These jeans are actually really comfy for being jeans. For whatever reason my body is not a fan of jeans, bras or tight shoes. I like mens boxers and my diddies to be free. Just like my feetsies in flip flops. SO NATURAL FOR ME.


I got these stunning sandals last week when I was in Glasgow. I was moaning for ages because I had my new Nikes on and they literally chopped up one of my foots. Fraser then gave in and got me these! So lovely right!?. They are still available to buy in the sale click HERE. I also got this beautiful Karen Millen clutch about a year or so ago from Fraser's mum. I haven't had a chance to properly wear it, always a struggle to find an outfit to go!. 

Then there is my fave turtle necklace from Tatty Devine which I have had for years!. I love turtles and he is called Hank. Which by the way, is only around my neck until one day I get the real HANK. 

T shirt - H&M
Bag - Karen Millen
Necklace - Tatty Devine

"Bitches gots to learn"

"Lesbian request - denied."

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