27 July 2014

OOTD ft primark ovb

This outfit of the day was taken before I had my new camera hence why the quality isn't ideal. As you have probably noticed I have been quite absent from my blog over the past couple of weeks and I have missed out on some amazing opportunity's that were sent my way. Dealing with a mental health problem is more consuming and exhausting than you could ever imagine. Thus meaning some of the things I love to do, end up getting a back seat. I hope to do a post on mental health on my blog at some point, unsure when. When is best? Maybe when I'm in a better frame of mind. 

I guess like a lot of bloggers we can come across with a massive blank. Sometime's you just don't feel like writing and other times you can write endlessly. A huge problem for me is I tend to go through phases of different hobbies and I can shut them off if I'm not up to doing it anymore. Which is why I haven't wrote for a while. The positive of blogging is that it never goes away. If I don't feel up to it for a few weeks, it will still be there when I'm back and as enthusiastic as ever.

For my birthday I went for a huge Primark shop which resulted in loads of bargains. This whole outfit is a complete buy!! I think the whole lot cost under £15 which is too good. With the recent heat wave which has hit Scotland, I needed something that was comfy and cool. These over sized T's are now a permanent feature in my wardrobe. I love how you can throw them on and it looks put together. I actually stayed away from these baseball type tops for so long because they were over worn and unflattering. However, since giving into my own sense of style and my new attitude of 'wear what ever the fuck I want' then these were bought in the bundles!!

The sandals will make a feature on my blog for the next while, well until the rain is back in Scotland which it has. They are so comfy and as they were only a £5 it makes them all that more sweet. The bag I forgot how much it was but again Primark done well. I was drawn to the quality of this bag more than anything. It feels super soft which is unusual. I have noticed a few other bloggers have commented on how the quality of Primark bags have changed over the past while. They are getting much better and so affordable. Especially if your like me and change your style like the Scottish weather. Then cheap and changeable fashion does your bank balance wonders.



  1. Argh, I wrote out a big comment and it disappeared when I went to post it.
    Anyway, loved the post and I totally understand where you are coming from with blogging and mental health. It's not the easiest. Would be interesting to do a post on it!

    Love the outfit aswell! I'm getting leg envy xxx

    1. Thanks Emily really nice to hear such positive feedback! I will deffo get round to doing a post when its a bit clearer as its a huge thing to put out there online guess! thanks again lovely xxx

  2. I love love love this dress! Good choice xx