7 July 2014

IKEA Sustainable Fashion Show

I received an invite by designer Morgan Renwick to attend the IKEA Sustainable Fashion Show. There was a handful of bloggers that were asked to attend the show and I was super excited to go along as IKEA is without a doubt the best homeware store in the world. 

Showcases included; presentation on living a sustainable life at home and saving you money, upcycled home furnishings, an exciting range of IKEA textiles and an extravagant surprise finale.  Work from co-workers and designers Gayle Hanvidge and Morgan Renwick, with professional Hair and Make Up from U Concept Hairdressing and The Academy of Make-Up. 

Crazy outfit right? I picked this two piece up from the lovely Fran from Goodbye, Norma Jean. Check out her Facebook page HERE. When I seen it I thought NUT I have to have it. I was going on holiday not long after, which I felt it was perfect for. It was on the children's rail for 12-13 year old's. OVB I am still in denial about my size. In the mind set of anything will fit me NAHHHHT. Anyway I couldn't wear a bra with this and if I sneezed all the buttons would have popped but it's vintage and colourful and I LOVE IT. Sandals - Primark course.

Fabulous photo credits from Andrew Lynch Photography!! Check out his FACEBOOK and his WEBSITE for more pictures of these amazing designs.

Gayle Hanvidge - Fashion Designer

The lovely Morgan Renwick - Fashion Designer/Blogger
Me getting a photae ootside IKEA :)

My fave dress of the day! Beautiful and it lights up!!

What a refreshing event! There was a presentation at the start by the staff of IKEA. They gave you loads of ideas on how to save money by being more environmentally aware. It was super interesting and I know my mum was buzzing at all the ways to save money. I was desperate for the girls to showcase their collection. Fidgeting on my seat with excitement. The idea was to up cycle different things from IKEA or of course to give you ideas for your own home. These beautiful collections were made from materials from IKEA including curtains, duvets and discontinued fabrics. It was quite clear the two young designers worked extremely hard on their designs. Being able to think outside the box and use a variety of different sources just goes to show how creative Morgan and Gayle really are.

I fully expect to see a lot from the fabby designers and look forward to seeing their future collections. 

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  1. I am beyond in love with your outfit ������ xxx