16 July 2014

I'm feelin 22

It's ma burfday it's ma burfday

16th of July 2014 was the day I turned 22.. 
Who would have thought? 22 a year filled with grown up life decisions and questions. What am I doing with my life? Where will I be in a few years? Am I where I want to be right now? All far to serious for me that's for sure. 

22 is a boring birthday but I wanted a relaxing day with my boo and what better than to go for some Spanish tapas. Amazing food!!

I found these amazing high waisted jeans in primark, the type of jeans that when you put them on they just cuddle your butt. My top is from Abandon Ship and was bought in a size medium from the menswear section as I plan on wearing it as a dress. Sandals also primark which were a total bargain of £5!!!! They give the real Birkenstock's a run for their money!! Then there's the bag - Karen Millen of course another birthday treat. Beautiful as always.

I wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable in what I was wearing. Something that wasn't busy or heavy. It must be in black, black is where I'm at. It may be the middle of July but I'm already a season ahead. 


This was the first photo I took on my new camera on the fish eye option!

The amazing food in La Banca in Falkirk. I'm quite fussy but this Spanish tapas was unreal. So tasty and was a nice treat to the usual run of the mill restaurants. 

My gorgeous new Karen Millen bag

FINALLY my baby haas arrived!!!! My Canon powershot SX510 HS. After taking ages to choose and asking my photographer pals I decided on this. My boo got it for me and I will be forever thankful! I love it and already by my side where ever I go. 

How cute is this iPhone case? I love cats and they love me. Cats cats cats cats 

Cleated heels by pretty little things!! My dad all the way in Sydney sent these for me and these will be featured on my blog for the next while for sure! Stunning.

My mum and I picked up some more shoes in Primark as I need more.. More shoes..

The majority of the above my lovely mum and step dad got me for me birth of day. NEW CLOTHES.

I got sent 12 red roses from one of my bffs that stays at the other side of the UK!! I miss her dearly yet she still remembers my birthday. What a honey!

I got home from a lovely day out with my boo to mum providing me with tea and cake. I then seen two hedgehogs fighting in my garden.. Or it was hanky panky but who's judging..



  1. Happy belated birthday hunny!! You look gorj as always in those pics. Have fun playing with your new camera :-)

    Abby x x x