1 July 2014

Glasgow nights

We recently stayed at the Malmaison hotel in Glasgow, which was stunning. I had the most amazing meal - Steak and chips aye. Cocktails and red wine galore. We then went up Ashton Lane and then ended our night in Bath Street. 

I was really excited to wear this outfit as this light coat was perfect. It is so elegant and beautiful on!! I honestly fell in love. The way it hangs is to die for. I picked it up for £29.99 which is a complete bargain. The thing with H&M, there is so many basics to choose from. If you choose wisely then you can really create something super good. Putting together different basics - makes for a really simple outfit. I love busy key pieces, sometimes though this works best. For me the necklace pulled this whole look off. It's that tiny detail that ensures your outfit looks effortlessly put together. 

PS - apologies for the poor lighting etc It was in the evening in the hotel and taken by my iPhone! My camera will be with me very shortly which I am extremely excited about. Watch this space..

Coat/Shirt/skirt - H&M
Bag - New Look
Necklace/ Heels- Primark

Shirt - Ralph Lauren 
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Boots - Clarks