12 July 2014

Abandon Ship

I am changing my style. That's it I have decided. Not that I had a specific style before but THIS, this outfit is where I am most comfortable at. Is it really true that you dress in colours to portray how you really feel inside? Maybe. Regardless I love fishnets, chunky boots, and anything I can stick on my head. More to the point, when I heard Abandon Ship ( only the hottest little shop) in Glasgow were launching a womans wear line. WELL ken me I was there in a heartbeat.


Not to mention I heard there was goodie bags on the go, and beer (GIN for the cool kids) AND getting my nails did and hair made up by VIDAL SASSOON. You can see why it would be hard to resist. I phones us my pal Susan and told her a few of the awesome things involved, that was it - she was IN. 

After arriving shortly after 5PM the store was already heaving with bloggers, fashion die hard's and a sausage dog. They are my fave btw see pic below for reference. 

(My pal)

The collection was unreal. From the WATA MELON printed crops and skirts to the tattoo print midi dresses. The body suits and tube skirts to the shorts and 2 pieces. I was in apparel heaven. The collection by the cutie herself Honey Pop had came up with an utterly delicious range. Have a snoop at her blog HERE. I was thrown by how much of it I wanted and it would be fair to say, If I could have it all I would be a happy Coco. 

My amazing nails and ovb new cat tattoo. Which is real ok.

Susan and I at the Selfie station.

Gin was provided by No.3 London Dry Gin which everyone was buzzing about. As you can see I am a beer girl!
 Some of my snaps on Instagram

My buy of the day which wasn't in the girls collection. No brownie points for COCO. I did fall in love with this top though which will probs be a dress. 

The goodbags were delightful, quirky pencils, nails transfers and AND and AND Illamasqua highlighter. WIIIIIIIIT so good. 

Had a fab night.
Abandon fucking ship, I love you.

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