29 July 2014

NEXT BLOGGER #changingroomselfie

I was contacted by the lovely team from the Next Blogger Network to join in with an exciting new competition. The site has hit 7,000 bloggers on the network which I am very proud to be apart of!! To celebrate, they are launching a fabulous competition where I could win £200 to spend at next.co.uk on their NEW SEASON collection!!

 All I had to do was pop into my local NEXT store and pick out my favorite items to style together. Once I had styled them together I had to blog about my outfit of choice and WHY I love it. Once I had done this I will of course then share #changingroomselfie on social media to let all you fabulous people see my gorgeous NEXT outfit!!.

It turns out I was actually making a wee trip into NEXT as my mum wanted to pick some bits up in the sale. When I heard about the competition it just gave me an even bigger excuse to try outfits on. It didn't take me long to choose something as I always go on my first instinct. As soon as I see something I like and I think it goes I pick it up. I tend not to change my mind because that's when problems start and I end up buying the shop!! 

I was firstly drawn to this stunning white lace blouse. It's crisp and extremely feminine. As it is very well made (OVB its NEXT quality) then it can be worn in a variety of ways. You can wear this casual with a pair of skinny jeans or with a nice pencil skirt to work. I decided I wanted to turn this blouse into an evening wear top. By pairing this with these stunning patterned jogger pants, it enables you to go for that classic chic look. My biggest love in my wardrobe at the moment is a classic tapered pant as they are super super comfortable but also effortlessly stylish. These cute silver heels I found in the sale and it straight away turned the whole ensemble into a lush evening outfit!! Perfect for going out with the girls for some yummy cocktails!

As the whole outfit is monochrome, then it is an outfit that will always be desirable. I feel like this outfit screams out style, taste and quality. 

Buy this lace beauty - HERE
Buy these hareem joggers - HERE


27 July 2014

OOTD ft primark ovb

This outfit of the day was taken before I had my new camera hence why the quality isn't ideal. As you have probably noticed I have been quite absent from my blog over the past couple of weeks and I have missed out on some amazing opportunity's that were sent my way. Dealing with a mental health problem is more consuming and exhausting than you could ever imagine. Thus meaning some of the things I love to do, end up getting a back seat. I hope to do a post on mental health on my blog at some point, unsure when. When is best? Maybe when I'm in a better frame of mind. 

I guess like a lot of bloggers we can come across with a massive blank. Sometime's you just don't feel like writing and other times you can write endlessly. A huge problem for me is I tend to go through phases of different hobbies and I can shut them off if I'm not up to doing it anymore. Which is why I haven't wrote for a while. The positive of blogging is that it never goes away. If I don't feel up to it for a few weeks, it will still be there when I'm back and as enthusiastic as ever.

For my birthday I went for a huge Primark shop which resulted in loads of bargains. This whole outfit is a complete buy!! I think the whole lot cost under £15 which is too good. With the recent heat wave which has hit Scotland, I needed something that was comfy and cool. These over sized T's are now a permanent feature in my wardrobe. I love how you can throw them on and it looks put together. I actually stayed away from these baseball type tops for so long because they were over worn and unflattering. However, since giving into my own sense of style and my new attitude of 'wear what ever the fuck I want' then these were bought in the bundles!!

The sandals will make a feature on my blog for the next while, well until the rain is back in Scotland which it has. They are so comfy and as they were only a £5 it makes them all that more sweet. The bag I forgot how much it was but again Primark done well. I was drawn to the quality of this bag more than anything. It feels super soft which is unusual. I have noticed a few other bloggers have commented on how the quality of Primark bags have changed over the past while. They are getting much better and so affordable. Especially if your like me and change your style like the Scottish weather. Then cheap and changeable fashion does your bank balance wonders.


16 July 2014

I'm feelin 22

It's ma burfday it's ma burfday

16th of July 2014 was the day I turned 22.. 
Who would have thought? 22 a year filled with grown up life decisions and questions. What am I doing with my life? Where will I be in a few years? Am I where I want to be right now? All far to serious for me that's for sure. 

22 is a boring birthday but I wanted a relaxing day with my boo and what better than to go for some Spanish tapas. Amazing food!!

I found these amazing high waisted jeans in primark, the type of jeans that when you put them on they just cuddle your butt. My top is from Abandon Ship and was bought in a size medium from the menswear section as I plan on wearing it as a dress. Sandals also primark which were a total bargain of £5!!!! They give the real Birkenstock's a run for their money!! Then there's the bag - Karen Millen of course another birthday treat. Beautiful as always.

I wanted to feel relaxed and comfortable in what I was wearing. Something that wasn't busy or heavy. It must be in black, black is where I'm at. It may be the middle of July but I'm already a season ahead. 


This was the first photo I took on my new camera on the fish eye option!

The amazing food in La Banca in Falkirk. I'm quite fussy but this Spanish tapas was unreal. So tasty and was a nice treat to the usual run of the mill restaurants. 

My gorgeous new Karen Millen bag

FINALLY my baby haas arrived!!!! My Canon powershot SX510 HS. After taking ages to choose and asking my photographer pals I decided on this. My boo got it for me and I will be forever thankful! I love it and already by my side where ever I go. 

How cute is this iPhone case? I love cats and they love me. Cats cats cats cats 

Cleated heels by pretty little things!! My dad all the way in Sydney sent these for me and these will be featured on my blog for the next while for sure! Stunning.

My mum and I picked up some more shoes in Primark as I need more.. More shoes..

The majority of the above my lovely mum and step dad got me for me birth of day. NEW CLOTHES.

I got sent 12 red roses from one of my bffs that stays at the other side of the UK!! I miss her dearly yet she still remembers my birthday. What a honey!

I got home from a lovely day out with my boo to mum providing me with tea and cake. I then seen two hedgehogs fighting in my garden.. Or it was hanky panky but who's judging..


12 July 2014

Abandon Ship

I am changing my style. That's it I have decided. Not that I had a specific style before but THIS, this outfit is where I am most comfortable at. Is it really true that you dress in colours to portray how you really feel inside? Maybe. Regardless I love fishnets, chunky boots, and anything I can stick on my head. More to the point, when I heard Abandon Ship ( only the hottest little shop) in Glasgow were launching a womans wear line. WELL ken me I was there in a heartbeat.


Not to mention I heard there was goodie bags on the go, and beer (GIN for the cool kids) AND getting my nails did and hair made up by VIDAL SASSOON. You can see why it would be hard to resist. I phones us my pal Susan and told her a few of the awesome things involved, that was it - she was IN. 

After arriving shortly after 5PM the store was already heaving with bloggers, fashion die hard's and a sausage dog. They are my fave btw see pic below for reference. 

(My pal)

The collection was unreal. From the WATA MELON printed crops and skirts to the tattoo print midi dresses. The body suits and tube skirts to the shorts and 2 pieces. I was in apparel heaven. The collection by the cutie herself Honey Pop had came up with an utterly delicious range. Have a snoop at her blog HERE. I was thrown by how much of it I wanted and it would be fair to say, If I could have it all I would be a happy Coco. 

My amazing nails and ovb new cat tattoo. Which is real ok.

Susan and I at the Selfie station.

Gin was provided by No.3 London Dry Gin which everyone was buzzing about. As you can see I am a beer girl!
 Some of my snaps on Instagram

My buy of the day which wasn't in the girls collection. No brownie points for COCO. I did fall in love with this top though which will probs be a dress. 

The goodbags were delightful, quirky pencils, nails transfers and AND and AND Illamasqua highlighter. WIIIIIIIIT so good. 

Had a fab night.
Abandon fucking ship, I love you.

10 July 2014

Fashion loves Music

I was thrilled to be asked to blog the Fashion loves Music event that was held on the 5th of July. Fabulous duo Paulina and Tayo are creators of Fashion Clinique which is an events management company. Quoted from their website -
"Events management company that provides professional show production & organisation of catwalk shows, fashion events, award ceremonies, launches for a wide variety of UK and international clients."
They went all out on this one that's for sure!! 

Before the show I was asked along to a meeting to get to know some of the people involved. I had the chance to meet an array of different designers, brands, musicians, photographers etc etc to be honest the list is endless so I will do my best to round up. At the meeting I  held short interviews with some of the brands for a sneak peak video. This was then released a few days before the event to showcase what was to be expected! 

(PS this was a total rid neck for me since I have never been near a video camera so lets just all by pass the laughs and continue to read!)

Below is some questions I put to the designers to let you all know a little more about who's behind the brand!

Fraser Grant  - Smoke City

How do you feel your brand contributes to the street wear scene?
The brand contributes big, bold designs that really catch people's attention. Although there's nothing wrong with it, there are enough brands that put out text only t-shirts and reinterpret things such as Supreme's box logo and the Run DMC logo. I wanted Smoke City to have unique designs that people notice and either love or hate. 
Describe Smoke City in 3 words?
Ambitious, Bold, Creative

Steph Kelly - Abetwix

What inspires your screen printed garments?
My prints are inspired by many things, they are all hand drawn and so some designs happen quite organically. The natural world has inspired my recent animals of course, but I also love geometric's, so have incorporated this into these designs. I love sci-fi and futurism, and this is where I draw my main inspiration, particularly for my geometric's.
What do you look for when you are selecting vintage pieces?
When I am selecting vintage pieces, I look for striking colours, prints and shapes. However, I try to keep the vintage as on trend as possible, so that customers can have something totally unique and still be very current.

Mark Bradley - G69

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me at least from a designers perspective is a platform for creativity..that may sound cliche however it is the case, there is no better reward as a designer than seeing a finished garment which started out as an initial idea on a runway like we will see at this event. It is also an outlet in a sense to express individualism...that may be through dressing in particular style or supporting a particular clothing label.
What is your most recent collection based on?
Firstly our name G69 clothing is derived from the area of Glasgow in which the label was born, the east end. Our debut collection is based mainly  on representing Scotland. This is highlighted through our use of tartan in the selection of wardrobe staple pieces featured.

Nicola - Nicci.n

What makes you stand out from other designers?
I think what makes me stand out from other designers is the use of different printing techniques. I like to alter fabrics by either hand dyeing or hand painting. I also create prints which are then incorporated into fabrics via transfer or digital print. Surface embellishment is also another technique I like to use to ensure my designs stand out. 
What has been your inspiration for your recent collection?
My new collection is called Florabundance. Inspiration for the new collection has came from the floral trend for this season introducing hand dyeing and digital prints in to the designs. Colours are a mix of lilac, wine, navy and cream with fabrics such as stretch leatherette and cotton. Silhouettes see ruffles and flares in areas to emphasize the floral theme.

Dress and Necklace borrowed from my lovely pal, both Zara.
Bag - Next
Shoes - Kurt Gieger

The night was a complete success. The doors opened and the club filled up fast! Once everyone was seated with drinks in our hands the night set off. The DJ's involved were UNREAL!! There was Nasty P, Babs Flow, Natasha Kitty Kat and Polimat. I can't even begin to express my love for these guys. They played music that only my ass knows how to move to which was quite hard as I was sitting and pure trying to be professional but ken it was gid. There was various bands playing throughout the evening in between the show which was really refreshing. There was 4 Iona Street, Lady T, Charleena and HayzNJay.

The evening progressed to showcase some of the latest collections from the designers and brands. The atmosphere was electric and you could tell by the cheering that the audience was loving it! I felt there was a real flow throughout all the designs, different of course but all on the same level. The t-shirts on show were of such a high standard and really challenged some of the top brands. There was dresses, t-shirts, leggings, jumpers everything!! 

The best part of it, was knowing I had met all the designers who by the way are an amazing bunch. The kinda bunch who I would EASILY spend an evening over a bottle of win or two with they are all that sound! Anyway, it was really great to see all the hard work they had put into their designs. I honestly can't wait to meet this lot again which I no doubt will in the future. 

I was lucky enough to be given a fantastic top from Lynette who is behind AngelPixieLove. One of her designs totally caught my eye!! A slogan top with 'I love your face'. Love a slogan T just now which Fashion loves Music was full of. I will be featuring her fab piece in an exciting shoot I have in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for it!  

From start to finish the evening was on top form. I take my hat off (invisible) to Paulina and Tayo who created AND mastered a truly fabulous evening full of talent. I expect to see many things from the duo who compliment each other in every way imaginable. They were not only welcoming but friendly, professional and so down to earth. So much so that I can see Paulina and I going for some wine and shopping!! Yes I'll be phoning you soon doll to arrange a date! Add Fashion Clinique Facebook page to see some more photos, click here

Paulina + Tayo

Thanks again to everyone involved what a complete success!!

The cutie Nicola from nicci.n

Paulina me and Tayo

Below is a list of credits to who was involved on the evening.

Luke Garstka www.lukegarstka.com

Rabia Mahmood Mua, Sabina Kwiatkowska, Maxine Toland,Laur Intably




Odi Letsholo (Xile Clothing)
Paula Nowicka 

Laura Shields 

Urszula Prokop, MichaelaLattenbergova, Monika Wiktorowicz, Magdalena Zekanowska,Magdalena Rutkowska, Karlyn KIng,Luura Baird,Bee Bayo Adegubloye, Calum Shambolic, Johnny Porter ,Kaspars Grisulis