25 June 2014

Huarache Light

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I have been a major hermit the past few weeks since I have been unwell and not in the best place. SO my lovely mama and step dad decided to get me out the house and take me for some lunch.Well needed. I couldn't wait to get my new sneaks on which my boyfriend recently bought me. He is majorly obsessed with trainers, it was only a matter of time before he got me some! WINNING. I have always been a fan of Huaraches however, I find the light version easier to wear. 

As you can see my bar-net is a pure riot. I used to have a dip dye but my blonde has been showing through more so over the past few weeks. No tae worry I sorted it last night and my head is all back jobbie brown. WINNING again. 

Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Primark
Shirt - Topshop
Bad - Karen Millen
Choker - Depop

I am also attending a huge networking event this evening which has been arranged by The Scottish Fashion Network. I got an invite by the lovely director Gordon a few weeks ago but I couldn't attend due to working. My circumstances have recently changed due to me being signed off. Which means I can attend. It will be so good for me! Being in a dark little bubble at the moment has keep me quiet for the past while but tonight I shall finally get to meet all the FAB bloggers that I totally lust over. Scotland's finest all in the one area!!! EXCITED. Lots of very special contacts and getting to meet new palz which is my total fave. YAY.

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