30 June 2014


I was recently asked to review a brand new mobile app called Ensemblr.
Quoted from their Facebook page 'The mobile fashion app that allows you to mix and match fashion from different retailers and share your looks with friends.'

There is a lot of fashion apps going around at the moment however, I feel this app has a slightly different market to it. Do you ever wonder 'Why can I not find shoes to go with that outfit I want to buy?' or 'How much effort is it to trail every website to look for another top to go with that skirt I need!?' For the peeps who are genuinely in a rush and needs a resolution instantly - which is most of us nowadays, this is the app you should download.

Ok so all you need to do is select the shop preferences that your interested in buying from for example - Topshop. ( OR you can select all shops ) I have then picked items from Topshop a cute cami top, a pair of harem's and some sandles. So far so good. Now I'm thinking to myself 'That's the outfit I want and need' however, maybe different trousers would look better - ALL YOU DO IS SWIPE your iPhone/iPad and WOLA another pair of trousers appear and you could keep swiping until the most desired bottoms are there to go with your outfit.

The same goes for your top half or shoes. It's like creating Barbies outfits all over again but eventually your wee body will be in place of that blonde coo. A few of my friends are forever asking 'What will go with that?' and now you can swipe different outfits to mix and match until your hearts desire. You can share it with your friends and get their opinion on the outfit too! 

Once you have selected your final outfit you will then be directed to the exact item on the website to purchase. Oh and yeah IT'S FREE. Bonus! Download it on the App Store - here.  and give it a try. It will make your outfit decision making SO much easier. 

Also have a nosey at the website here.
Follow Emsemblr on Twitter here. 

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