5 June 2014

Boys Club

One of the things that I hope makes me stand out from other blogs is that I don't feel I have a solitry style. I am very much like every other girl out there! I love getting all glamorous and girly but equally love having my harem pants with my sneaks. This therefor inspired my new post. More often that not, I will be found in my trainers and a boys t-shirt. I love the fact that us girls can have fun and mix about our fashion. With that in mind dressing in men's clothes is my favourite.
What has been noticeable especially over the past couple of years is that Street Wear has made a huge appearance in every ones wardrobe. I love it and sometimes that is exactly what I want to be wearing that day!. The t-shirt I am wearing is from 'Billionaire Boys Club'. Billionaire Boys Club is a line of clothing established by Pharrell Williams and Nigo, founder of clothing label BAPE. The line had loads of the usual clothes, t-shirts/hats etc etc. The items are produced in very limited quantities and are usually sold for a pure fortune. This t-shirt was 2nd hand from Depop it's perfect as its baggy and comfy. I basically wear anything comfy that doesn't require much effort during the week. T-shirts do that for me!.
I paired this T with my American Aparel high waisted Mom Jeans which I got last year is Selfridges. I wish they were a bit bigger because them being 27inch waist is perfect but not for these hips or butt!!! I start to slowly loose consciousness when I wear them but they look good so I'm no overly fussed!
My sneaks are of course the trusty Nike Air Force 1's. They have been over worn but I think they have made their place for being a reliable big huge white trainer. I also bought these as used on Ebay for less than a tenner. Can you tell yet I pure love a second hand bargain! AGAIN these are too small for me but I sometimes can handle that. For years I had no idea what size I was in shoes until I realised, I am only a size 5 in heels and not flats. Therefor next trainers I get I promise I will buy a size 6. Until then my feet will just be getting even more stunning crushed in wee shoes.
I have actually had these images for a while when I first started my blog the other month and to be honest I was a little nervous about posting it. For me this may come across as quite a boring, non inspirational outfit. I'm sorry if this is the case for you as well! Although I also need to remember being a new blogger - IT DOESNY EVEN MATTER. I am blogging about what i wear and how I wear it. It's very easy to forget that and it's so easy to fall into the category of following other bloggers for what's in. I must remember to be myself and if I like something then I will post it.
How do you feel your mom jeans fit? I actually noticed Topshop's mom jeans are much comfier. CHEAPER that's for sure. I will defiantly buy next time. What's your thoughts? One of my favourite things about blogging is that everyone can get involved and feedback is for sure important.
Deffo let me know what ya'lls thinking!


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