1 June 2014

Betty's Boutique

I was recently invited to a secret pop up shop called Betty's Boutique. I met the lovely Maeve O'Loughlin outside of the assembly rooms in Edinburgh a few weeks back and we totally hit it off.  Maeve loved the idea of myself and Sultana (events blogger) attending the event. She was telling us how Betty's Boutique consists of good quality Retro and Vintage clothing and nick-naks. They also were exhibiting oil paintings and prints by Artist Maeve O'Loughlin whose work is inspired by Retro Fashion.

The shop was open Saturday 1st of June & Sunday 2nd of June and throughout the day there was a Tea Party with Soulful Tunes and Fancy Cupcakes. Which as soon as I heard there was cake, no gawny lie I was there in a shot. As I have been on holiday and now have a crazy work/social schedule I feel like I have been neglecting my wee family so I decided my mum would love this event and thought it would be a great idea to bring her along.  After all your wee mam is important and it's nice to involve her.

Top + Shoes = Primark
Skirt = River Island
Bag = Warehouse 

Bonny and Maeve from Betty's Boutique. The concept of Betty's Boutique is very fresh and new. Maeve felt that her artwork didn't fit in with the norm of art galleries and at this point they decided to join forces. With Bonny's love of vintage and Maeve being a fantastic artist they have created an amazing shopping experience. The setting for this pop up shop straight away caught my attention. The venue was relaxed, rustic and full of character. I knew straight away it worked and was one of my favorite places I have been in a while. Bonny and Maeve wanted to see how their event went over the weekend as this would determine the future of Betty's Boutique. Almost like a tester, finding out what works and what they won't do again. I do sincerely hope this works out for the girls and I get the chance to pop along again. They have something that I feel works very well and would invite a lot of customers in. 

I bought a vintage Adidas zipper. Not a colour way I would usually go for but I did fall in love. As noted in my 'About Me' I don't tend to stick to the one style. For example you won't see my blog being all about pastels or just sticking to the one trend. I want my readers to really see that I am a totally normal girl and day to day dress how I feel. Yeah sometimes that might be super girly or nah infact its a sneaker day. This zipper will fall into place in my wardrobe nicely.
I fell in love with the art work that was on display. It's fun, simple and easy on the eye. I would LOVE if I could get a canvas however, I am as poor as a church mouse SO no canvas buying for me. I did however get a mini print on a card that fills my need to buy!. It's so cute and I love the hair on it. 

This jacket was a total TREAT. 100% pure wool for a tenner. WIIIIIIIIT thats so amazing and it just feels heavenly. It would be perfect over a pair of jeans, brogues and a T. OR with a cute dress. It's a such a good length that I had to buy it!.

Such a lovely welcome to the secret pop up boutique! There is not currently any links online to buy any of these pieces however, as soon as they do I will link them up on here for you. Looking forward to seeing big things from Betty's Boutique. 

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