30 June 2014


I was recently asked to review a brand new mobile app called Ensemblr.
Quoted from their Facebook page 'The mobile fashion app that allows you to mix and match fashion from different retailers and share your looks with friends.'

There is a lot of fashion apps going around at the moment however, I feel this app has a slightly different market to it. Do you ever wonder 'Why can I not find shoes to go with that outfit I want to buy?' or 'How much effort is it to trail every website to look for another top to go with that skirt I need!?' For the peeps who are genuinely in a rush and needs a resolution instantly - which is most of us nowadays, this is the app you should download.

Ok so all you need to do is select the shop preferences that your interested in buying from for example - Topshop. ( OR you can select all shops ) I have then picked items from Topshop a cute cami top, a pair of harem's and some sandles. So far so good. Now I'm thinking to myself 'That's the outfit I want and need' however, maybe different trousers would look better - ALL YOU DO IS SWIPE your iPhone/iPad and WOLA another pair of trousers appear and you could keep swiping until the most desired bottoms are there to go with your outfit.

The same goes for your top half or shoes. It's like creating Barbies outfits all over again but eventually your wee body will be in place of that blonde coo. A few of my friends are forever asking 'What will go with that?' and now you can swipe different outfits to mix and match until your hearts desire. You can share it with your friends and get their opinion on the outfit too! 

Once you have selected your final outfit you will then be directed to the exact item on the website to purchase. Oh and yeah IT'S FREE. Bonus! Download it on the App Store - here.  and give it a try. It will make your outfit decision making SO much easier. 

Also have a nosey at the website here.
Follow Emsemblr on Twitter here. 

26 June 2014

Scottish Fashion Network

Coat + Blouse - Vintage
Shoes - Primark
Bag - Nae idea stolen from my mum 
Skirt - Missguided (Buy here)

(From left to right)
Me aye thats me
Kifahh - Farah sissy

Founder of Scottish Fashion Network Gordon McGuire struck gold last night. A little while ago I received an email from Gordon introducing himself and his wonderful idea.

" Scottish Fashion Network is a sector-specific company with a focus on providing high-quality networking events & conferences for the Scottish Fashion, style & textiles industry. The concept is to create a platform for industry professionals to come together, make new business connections and, crucially, develop new industry relationships."

Which basically meant I could go and meet the faces behind the brands and gain a first-hand insight into the heart of the fashion industry in Scotland. Straight away I was keen to attend as the first event was being held at The Corinthian in Glasgow. I have never been before, no idea why? It is stunning. I want to be wine and dined there until my heart is content. Gordon had put on a champagne reception which was a lovely surprise. All the proceeds from the evening went to Glasgow School of Art to help them in their recovery from the devastating events which have recently taken place. There was stalls and a fantastic slide show from the girls @ Mallzee which by the way is the newest personalized shopping app with a social twist. Get downloading!! www.mallzee.com

Nae brownie points for coco as I took 0 pictures last night which was very very unlike me. I was so busy chatting with a room full of creative characters, I never even thought to take them.

First of all I went on my lonesome because I knew a few of the bloggers that were going and decided to meet them there. I'll no lie, I was a bit nervous. It was my first networking event so I guess it's allowed. There was a lot of very established guests there and it was nice to see everyone mingling. I said hello to a few people and then rallied around the other bloggers I have recently been stalking. No Shade anywhere, all the folks were lovely!! 

I finally got to meet  fashion blogger Jen from Glasgow Fashion Girl. Whom I always die over her instagram pictures. She if forever uploading outfits of rainbow loveliness. Check her blog out here -www.glasgowfashiongirl.com

Also I met style, fashion and lifestyle blogger Paula from The Brantastic Life. I have followed her for ages and did not even click onto who it was until I went back online. The weird thing about the blogging world is you probably have already looked at someones pictures and when you finally get to meet them, IT'S LIKE FAMILY. Check her blog out here -

Julie Campbell from Glasgowly was hilarious and she was a dream to meet! Obviously I already followed Julie which was not a surprise! Check her blog out here - 

I got to meet the amazing Colin Gilchrist!! Who by the way is a total inspiration. If your looking for some tips on eh being the best, he is your man! Colin is the social media mastermind behind Social Tailor and creator of Twitter page @ScotFashionBlog . His list of talents and connections is endless. It was a real pleasure meeting him and no doubt will pester the life out of him now I have his card! Check out his website here - www.socialtailor.com

Then of course the stunning ladies Ruth Walker and Lynne McCrossan behind www.wecrave.it . The most exciting new online magazine. Please have a read of their website it is to die for!!

Alasdair Watson - Photographer. Such a nice guy and we ended up chatting as we both realised we were new and had no idea what we were doing haha. Brilliant chat and fab work. www.alasdairwatsonphotography.com

Not to forget Betty and Bee. Two of the most inspirational bloggers to come out of Scotland. I was almost a little star struck. After following their work for as long as I can remember, it was nice to get the chance to say Hi! Check them out - www.bettyandbee.com

That is not even a quarter of the people I got a chance to meet. The event was packed and there was a real buzz in the air. Fantastic Evening by Scottish Fashion Network and everyone involved. 
Hats off to Gordon and I cannot wait until the next event. 

25 June 2014

Huarache Light

Buy these trainers HERE


I have been a major hermit the past few weeks since I have been unwell and not in the best place. SO my lovely mama and step dad decided to get me out the house and take me for some lunch.Well needed. I couldn't wait to get my new sneaks on which my boyfriend recently bought me. He is majorly obsessed with trainers, it was only a matter of time before he got me some! WINNING. I have always been a fan of Huaraches however, I find the light version easier to wear. 

As you can see my bar-net is a pure riot. I used to have a dip dye but my blonde has been showing through more so over the past few weeks. No tae worry I sorted it last night and my head is all back jobbie brown. WINNING again. 

Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Primark
Shirt - Topshop
Bad - Karen Millen
Choker - Depop

I am also attending a huge networking event this evening which has been arranged by The Scottish Fashion Network. I got an invite by the lovely director Gordon a few weeks ago but I couldn't attend due to working. My circumstances have recently changed due to me being signed off. Which means I can attend. It will be so good for me! Being in a dark little bubble at the moment has keep me quiet for the past while but tonight I shall finally get to meet all the FAB bloggers that I totally lust over. Scotland's finest all in the one area!!! EXCITED. Lots of very special contacts and getting to meet new palz which is my total fave. YAY.

20 June 2014

Stop, wait a minute

Ola, Hi, Hello
There has been a slight gap in my blog over the past 2 weeks as I have been a bit poorly. I was in surgery last week so I have given myself time to recover. Not to worry though I will be back writing very soon. I am attending the Fashion loves Music event hosted by Fashion Clinique at the start of July. With a few meetings ahead, I will be blogging the event and will have full access to the show. Exciting interviews will be held with all the designers too!
Here's some snaps from my week..
 Playing with my concealer contour kit from MUA.
 Just about to go into surgery.
I got a new rail to hang my pretty outfits of the week!
My room also got decorated to all white and silver. Clear space - Clear mind.
New pretty drawers to match my dressing table and side table finally!
I finally managed to venture out! Top, Shoes and bag from Primark. Jeans are Zara.
I got surprised with new Nike Huarache lights! LOVE
Some of my cute get well soon bits.
Fashion loves Music event - Tickets now available!!
Follow Fashion Clinique on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/Fashioncliniqueuk?fref=ts

5 June 2014

Boys Club

One of the things that I hope makes me stand out from other blogs is that I don't feel I have a solitry style. I am very much like every other girl out there! I love getting all glamorous and girly but equally love having my harem pants with my sneaks. This therefor inspired my new post. More often that not, I will be found in my trainers and a boys t-shirt. I love the fact that us girls can have fun and mix about our fashion. With that in mind dressing in men's clothes is my favourite.
What has been noticeable especially over the past couple of years is that Street Wear has made a huge appearance in every ones wardrobe. I love it and sometimes that is exactly what I want to be wearing that day!. The t-shirt I am wearing is from 'Billionaire Boys Club'. Billionaire Boys Club is a line of clothing established by Pharrell Williams and Nigo, founder of clothing label BAPE. The line had loads of the usual clothes, t-shirts/hats etc etc. The items are produced in very limited quantities and are usually sold for a pure fortune. This t-shirt was 2nd hand from Depop it's perfect as its baggy and comfy. I basically wear anything comfy that doesn't require much effort during the week. T-shirts do that for me!.
I paired this T with my American Aparel high waisted Mom Jeans which I got last year is Selfridges. I wish they were a bit bigger because them being 27inch waist is perfect but not for these hips or butt!!! I start to slowly loose consciousness when I wear them but they look good so I'm no overly fussed!
My sneaks are of course the trusty Nike Air Force 1's. They have been over worn but I think they have made their place for being a reliable big huge white trainer. I also bought these as used on Ebay for less than a tenner. Can you tell yet I pure love a second hand bargain! AGAIN these are too small for me but I sometimes can handle that. For years I had no idea what size I was in shoes until I realised, I am only a size 5 in heels and not flats. Therefor next trainers I get I promise I will buy a size 6. Until then my feet will just be getting even more stunning crushed in wee shoes.
I have actually had these images for a while when I first started my blog the other month and to be honest I was a little nervous about posting it. For me this may come across as quite a boring, non inspirational outfit. I'm sorry if this is the case for you as well! Although I also need to remember being a new blogger - IT DOESNY EVEN MATTER. I am blogging about what i wear and how I wear it. It's very easy to forget that and it's so easy to fall into the category of following other bloggers for what's in. I must remember to be myself and if I like something then I will post it.
How do you feel your mom jeans fit? I actually noticed Topshop's mom jeans are much comfier. CHEAPER that's for sure. I will defiantly buy next time. What's your thoughts? One of my favourite things about blogging is that everyone can get involved and feedback is for sure important.
Deffo let me know what ya'lls thinking!


3 June 2014

Holiday Snaps

My best friend Steph and I went on a really cheap break away to the Costa Del Sol. Much needed and was filled with drunken, sandy, smokey, nakedness. Due to the explicit nature of some of these pictures, not all will be included. Apologies. ENJOY.