7 May 2014

Spring Darkness

I have just updated my new blog layout to the most flowery spring like blog you could ever have dreamed of. Then here I am posting my ghetto fabulous black boots and hats/fringe galore. I do have an excuse though. Scotland in the spring time/ approaching summer means everyone thinks its summer already. We still get all the stunning pastels in the shops and the endless amount of flip flops in Primark. The high street seem to forget the global warming in the country they are actually based. 

But no, I am a sensible girl. I like to be warm, comfortable and hidden from the 40mph gust of wind and rain that is a constant occurrence here in Edinburgh. Only in day time though. I'm no a pure turtle neck, cosy hat wearing cat lady of the night! Scottish gals get there skin oot at night just like all you other warm landed girls. 

ANYWAY now that I have justified my pure casual cosy outfit. I love this combination and it was actually my first day outfit of choice in my new role for H&M. I wanted to come across relaxed but some thought had actually been put into my ensemble. I am really loving a slight patterned jean print . Everything I have put with it is reasonably plain so it works. The jacket fits perfect and goes with most outfits. To be honest I have worn it with so many things in my wardrobe its a good all rounder light over the top type jacket. 

SPICEGAL shoes/boots are all in just now which is super helpful to us birds feetsies, since usually normal heels pure kill us.  They are comfy and bold and all things shoes probably should be. Lets all embrace this phase!. To top everything off my maroon fedora hat is a cute one. I find its quite a hard colour to match with things but stick with the basic colours and you will be fine. It works well with this outfit as its one of the main features. Cute, stylish and good for bad hair days. My little fringe bag is an old one but I think it pulls together this outfit well!

Jeans, T-shirt, Jacket, Boots - H&M
Bag - Primark
Hat - Newlook (Still in stock)

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