13 May 2014



 Hi Everyone. I don't tend to do too much on my days off except chill and eat my body weight in food, however last week I felt like a wee change. I really wanted to go do something fun and not sit on my bum all day so I decided to go to the Edinburgh Natural History Museum. It was an excuse to put on a cute outfit and see some of my favorite things - old stuff. 

I am in LOVE with these skirts at the moment. They are super feminine and remind me of holidays. The only down fall for me with the skirt was I felt it made me look really wide. It would probably be better with a crop top or a tight top half. That would insure you don't look slugish. It worked for that day as I was just wondering about but maybe if you wanted more of a flattering look deffo ditch the jumper.

It was still a little chilly so I paired my outfit with almost a summer jumper. I thought it was sweet and I smile at everything, it was very me. I thought the bag was a total bargain at £7-£12 (can't quite remember) It set off the outfit and will be lovely over the summer. I got my shoes in the topshop sale for £7 which was amazing, although they are so pointy they kill your feet.

 I go through day to day phases where I like to be really girly. That day was a girly day for sure. I put on my pearls with my pastel and silver tones and off I went for a day of exploring. 

Jumper/Skirt/Bag/Pearls - Primark
Shoes - Topshop

Here are some other snaps from my day out in the city.

I started off in Bar Kohl for a cocktail and food which was amazing!

This was in the museum. The sign above I thought was so nice.

Cocktails and beers in Tonic. Such a nice bar

Finished off in The hanging bat which was a beer place, ended up meeting my old Art teacher and a tiny pug and it probably made my life. Oh and I ate pork scratching's. My heart was overwhelmed. 

I also just wanted to say a thank you to all the lovely comments I have had since starting my blog back up. It's really lovely to hear such positive things. At the end of the day I really enjoy it and If I have found something I love then I should deffo just keep going. When people support you it just makes it that little better!


  1. Hi Nicole,

    I really like the outfit you put together, gorgeous for when the weather’s hotter. I've been looking for some metallic shoes for a while now and I love these ones that you picked up from Topshop. Do you know of anywhere else that does silver flats as you mentioned that yours weren't that comfortable? Preferably some that are low priced.



    1. Hi Alice
      Thank you for the lovely feedback! Always nice to speak to my readers :) I would say Primark and New look have the best selection just now for bargain flats and they are always so comfortable :) xxx