28 May 2014

Affordable Vintage Yo

Hello y'all.
Tad delay on my blog regarding my recent trip to Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair in Edinburgh. I was away sunning it up in the Costa Del Sol so my internet was limited. Although I am here and I am ready to talk about my fantastic day at the Assembly rooms in Edinburgh. I was invited along by the brand and event manager Emily Hughes to blog the event with my good blogger friend Sultana Malik.

Sultana (Events Blogger), Becca (Judys Vintage fair manager) 
I had a very warm welcome from Becca and her front of house team. They had made me aware that there had been 620 people through the door and it had only been open an hour and 40 mins! We arrived some time later and already it was heaving!

The lovely Sarah and Sam from Peggy Mae Vintage. They have been running their shop for 3 years and had a fantastic collection of vintage items. Really nice couple.

Zoe and Fee from Vi Nouveau. I bought an amazing two piece and scrunchie for a bargain price of £18!! See picture below. 

Shakina from Sweet As Bag Designs. She had the most amazing stalll with really quirky bits! I bought a cute headscarf which I wore loads on holiday. Shakina has been in business for a few years as her bags are all handmade!

Fran from Goodbye, Norma Jean. This has to be one of the funniest ladies I have met! I loved her theme of her shop and would love to spend a lot of afternoons discussing vintage dreams with her! I bought another two piece which basically looks like a Jamaican dancing outfit. I will post about it soon! Check our her Facebook!

Bag - Next
Coat - Ebay
Skirt/Socks - RiverIsland
Shoes - Zara
Shirt/Rings - Vintage 
Glasses - Gok Wan
It was my first time being in the assembly rooms other than being at Jamie Oliver's Italian and it was just beautiful. Such an amazing setting for such a fun day!.

A chair I wanted to live in.....

Vintage fairs always bring out the most creative people! So refreshing to see.

Carra from Vulture Culture Vintage. Carra and her mum run the vintage pop up shop and attend various vintage fairs. They are looking to expand online very shortly. It was funny when I got chatting to Carra, we discovered that she had actually sold me the vintage shirt that I was wearing that day at Judy's Vintage Fair in Glasgow a few months previous. Really down to earth girl and has a great eye for vintage bargains!

Stunning Laurat from ThisCharmingVintage. Another mother and daughter combo from Fife. Again Ladies after my own heart. I could only dream of owning a vintage pop up shop with my mum. Totally inspiring.

Ladies from Miss Dixiebelle. Vintage Inspired Boutique and Beauty Parlour. If I could have these beauty's do my hair everyday I would be in Heaven. Stunning looks!!

The lovely Helen Mcdonald from Innovations of Perth - Designer Dress Agency & Vintage Boutique. Who by the way was looking super glam!!
All I have to say is that the fantastic Judy Berger who has created the pathway for us vintage lovers deserves a very big applause. Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair tours the UK and gives us all a chance to get our hands on some of the most sought after pieces! If you have never been to a fair I would highly suggest you check out there website of when they are next in your area. Not only is it a great way to get some amazing bargains but it's such a great day out. Exciting atmosphere, Lovely people and an overall great insight to the many decades you may have missed out on. A truly fantastic day!.

Check out there website!! http://www.judysvintagefair.co.uk/
Cannot wait until the next fair!


  1. It looks like you had such a good time!! I am so jealous I don't live in Glasgow because I would of been there too Gisforgingers xx

    1. Hi Claire! I did it is so worth the trip. Such a fun day and so many amazing treats! I would have a look on the website and see when they are in your area as they travel the UK :) xxx