9 April 2014


This purchase probably happened as fast as I ate they malteasers I found in my drawer last week. 

Zara has recently launched a ladies t-shirt with 'surprise' on the front. I don't just love the top because I'm of course full of surprises. No, not that. 

It's the fact that a huge retailer like Zara has put this out there as a rip off from one of the most fashion forward street wear brands 'Supreme'. With the same red box/white writing combo, it's hard not to want this in your wardrobe. 

This is already a sell out in most sizes. I was lucky enough to pick this up in a size 
small in the Princess Street store in Edinburgh.  

I paired this with Primark black denim jeans. I went all DIY on them with the rips at the knees, as you'll find these are coming into the high street with a boom. But I think it's just as effective doing it yourself, which is a lot cheaper aswell. 

The boots were a H&M treat that I found hidden in the corner of the shop at Argyl street in Glasgow. They scream 90s/grunge/spice girls/Ailen goodness for my feet. Every shop on the high street are doing them, I couldn't miss out! 
'Surprise' Tshirt - Zara £9.99
Black denim jeans - Primark £7
Black thick buckle boots - H&M £34.99

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