26 April 2014

Magazine tingz

I recently done a photoshoot for my good friend Rona Leslie. She's almost at the end of her uni years and she amazingly is putting together a magazine. Rona herself is an unreal model. She's currently on Superior model managements books, so you can imagine. I'm in awe that's all I can say! 

Anyway she contacted me asking if I can be apart of some of her looks she was putting together. At first I obviously thought this was a joke. Yeah I have been Infront of the lense before, Nuts centerfold is a whole different ball game. The only thing I know well is how good my boo tang looks in these pants. I had no idea what to do in clothes believe it or not. 

So off I went with my dignity well intact (clothes were on). Being greated by my long time friend made me feel super comfortable and it all came naturally after that. 

Her magazine is very much about the underground music scene which is so her! Me however naaaaat so much. I'm a bit clueless when it come to music, if Ican shake my bum then it will do. She explained what she was looking for and I done my best to be that super cool/so cool that I don't know what cool means kinda look.

As soon as it's published I shall post it and y'all can have a wee nosey. Wether I'm actually in it or no is no da point. I was feeling good that I even got to join in, plus she had loads of other super cool proper model type tingz anyway. 

The majority of garments used were all from local charity shops. Every peice was completly unique. It even had that classic charity shop smell (which I secretly love).

Here's some of the photos from the shoot! 


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