28 April 2014

Jumping suits

I've been feeling very mature recently. Last week I attended a candle party then a cheese and wine night. I know!!! Very sophisticated. My first thought was - what to wear to this sort of ocassion? It was a lovely evening so this ment I needed a lovely outfit. I found this gorgeous floral jumpsuit from Zara in the Christmas sale and it's the first chance I have had to wear it. It was reduced from £45 down to £35 which I thought was well worth it. It's my favourite shade of green and I love a floral!

The pointed, nude patent heels are also from zara. I got these a while back and they have become my most reliable heels. I bought these for £20 which was a total bargain as it's hard to find such a perfect point just now. 

My watch showing above is vintage and was given to me by my gran. I'm a fond lover of wearing three watches. It's my thang so i will usually have a few on. 

I am gutted to say I will be selling this on depop as it is slightly too small for me. It was the last one in the sale at the time and you know the situation in your head WELL I'LL PROBS JUST FIT IN IT ANYWAY!. Regardless of if a leg fits in it or no. It's a size XS, so a 6-8 I would say. 

My depop name is @cocomadeherdoit
Go check it out and grab a bargain! 

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