9 April 2014

Girl, get ya life

Hey ya'll

So to let you all know the situation of what ya'lIs eyes are seeing right now, I have been on/off blogging for about 4 years and this has been a forever passion of mines. Understandable/poo poo/various life interruptions have put huge holes in my creative brain of thinking. Therefore no creative brain thinking equals no blog things for coco. 

Within the past year my passion for blogging and love for other bloggers have become more and more apparent. Not only that I have recently started a new job role in the fashion/retail industry which is driving me to pursue this more. 

Lastly I had a lot of inspiration from a gorgeous blogger called Sultana Malik who is not only a new colleague of mine, but she is an event blogger based in Edinburgh. I will most defiantly be having a little chit chat with her on my blog in the near future. 

Let's put all this fashion nonsense into one little place and I can finally share my love for all things wearable for our lil bodies. 

Stay safe
(This is coco on her travels in the land of Amsterdam)

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