25 April 2014


I have been a bit vacant since starting my new blog which I'm a little disappointed at. I have had a few events that would have been perfect to get me started however here I am.

I've seen a lot of bloggers I follow start selling items on a new app called Depop. From what I can see it seems to be a much easier way of selling items instead of your typical eBay. 

It also is very aparent that the people who use depop seem to be on the same wave length. There's no old CDs of bewitched or that warehouse jersey dress that clearly has been worn at least 302 times. There's no naff sexy witch costumes or bench fleece jumpers to clogg up your searches. As it seems eBay is very much full of.

There is an abundance of little gems on the depop'ees profiles like handmade cute chokers at a ridiculously low price or scrunchies with watermelons on. Or that dinosaur t-shirt I probably had a dream about. It's slightly worrying how many things I've found on it and I've only had it downloaded approx 17 mins. 

'Your little shop in your pocket' their slogan is spot on. You find that these depop links of your favourite bloggers/people/creatures are usually kicking about on twitter or Instagram.

The app is very much set out like Instagram so it's very user friendly. Much like all them pictures you would usually like and drool over, knowing you'll never get what they have. I can like it and oh wait oh oh and buy it. It also remind me a lot of ASOS market place, however I find that site also a bit overly difficult.

So go and download depop. My user name is @cocomadeherdoit. Already i have a little pile of goodies waiting to be sold! 

Here's the main explore page which just shows how much variety they have.


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