30 April 2014

Blossom honey

Summer is nearly here. I picked my most floral outfit to go along with this stunning garden. As you can see the sun popped in a few times which was cute. My gorgeous floral suit is from Topshop from about 2 years ago. Soz for the old clothes HOWEVER this suit is too gorg not to post. It still fits after a few years which I'm buzzing about expesh after I thought id put on a weenie bit of beef. 

If your going to have a busy suit like mines then I suggest you keep everything else super basic. This outfit is perfect for everything from drinks with the girls, that christening you must attend to a cute summer wedding you have been waiting on. Zara has a lot of nice suits in just now. 2 peices are all in at the moment which I want, ALOT!! Wether it's a skirt/top or shorts and jacket. Matching is the way forward.

For me white accessories seemed simple enough. Plain white T from H&M (their basics are the best). Zara white clutch which is everywhere right now - slogan 'stressed but well dressed' which I bet every girl feels relates to you right now yeh! And last but not least my to die for white strappy heels which riverisland have done amazing! They go with everything and they are too hot not to wear with everything. Or nothing if your really feelin hot. 

I love florals ok. I wish I had more flowers on my fings. 

29 April 2014


Hi everyone. It has been such a gorgeous day today which is very unusual for Scotland. I knew I had to take advantage of it and get together my first proper outfit blog. 

My outfit today is my current favourite and I shall explain why! Khloe kardashian was recently pictured in an Alexander Wang top similar to what I'm wearing above. OBVIOUSLY it's nae comparison, wang's creatations are unreal so I took what I could get! Believe it or not it's actually from Primark. I think I payed £12 for this and it was a size 14, although I wasny caring what size it was. Any size I knew I could work with it. 

My black cage sandals were also from Primark. Come to think about it the majority of this post is featuring primark. The big buckle, black cage like sandals are all over the Highstreet right now and I wasn't missing out. This whole re-living the 90's phase is just splendid and I'm fare enjoying it! These shoes were roughly £12ish. I'm quite bad for not looking at the tag if I want something enough. 

The best part of this outfit for me is the lilac Levi's vintage shorts. These were made by a stunnin company called 'Once upon a time vintage' they are a Scottish based vintage loving dream! I used to follow their Instagram for ages finally found them at a vintage fair. I found these at Judy's vintage fair which travels the UK. The girls at once upon a time were lovely and I couldn't help but snap these up. They also have an ASOS page which I've left the URL's below. 

My cute little backpack is from New Look which was roughly £25 and it has soooo much room. I feel like it has 200 compartments and I can fit my life in it which is good enough for me. My belt is vintage and all my jewellery/sunglasses are from primark. 

Top - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark
Jewellery - Primark 
Belt - vintage 
Shorts - Once upon a time vintage https://m.marketplace.asos.com/boutique/onceuponatime
Bag - Newlook

Here's the URL for Judy's vintage fair. Have a read of their website to see if a fair will be in your area soon! I can't wait for the next one!! http://www.judysvintagefair.co.uk


28 April 2014

Jumping suits

I've been feeling very mature recently. Last week I attended a candle party then a cheese and wine night. I know!!! Very sophisticated. My first thought was - what to wear to this sort of ocassion? It was a lovely evening so this ment I needed a lovely outfit. I found this gorgeous floral jumpsuit from Zara in the Christmas sale and it's the first chance I have had to wear it. It was reduced from £45 down to £35 which I thought was well worth it. It's my favourite shade of green and I love a floral!

The pointed, nude patent heels are also from zara. I got these a while back and they have become my most reliable heels. I bought these for £20 which was a total bargain as it's hard to find such a perfect point just now. 

My watch showing above is vintage and was given to me by my gran. I'm a fond lover of wearing three watches. It's my thang so i will usually have a few on. 

I am gutted to say I will be selling this on depop as it is slightly too small for me. It was the last one in the sale at the time and you know the situation in your head WELL I'LL PROBS JUST FIT IN IT ANYWAY!. Regardless of if a leg fits in it or no. It's a size XS, so a 6-8 I would say. 

My depop name is @cocomadeherdoit
Go check it out and grab a bargain! 

26 April 2014

Magazine tingz

I recently done a photoshoot for my good friend Rona Leslie. She's almost at the end of her uni years and she amazingly is putting together a magazine. Rona herself is an unreal model. She's currently on Superior model managements books, so you can imagine. I'm in awe that's all I can say! 

Anyway she contacted me asking if I can be apart of some of her looks she was putting together. At first I obviously thought this was a joke. Yeah I have been Infront of the lense before, Nuts centerfold is a whole different ball game. The only thing I know well is how good my boo tang looks in these pants. I had no idea what to do in clothes believe it or not. 

So off I went with my dignity well intact (clothes were on). Being greated by my long time friend made me feel super comfortable and it all came naturally after that. 

Her magazine is very much about the underground music scene which is so her! Me however naaaaat so much. I'm a bit clueless when it come to music, if Ican shake my bum then it will do. She explained what she was looking for and I done my best to be that super cool/so cool that I don't know what cool means kinda look.

As soon as it's published I shall post it and y'all can have a wee nosey. Wether I'm actually in it or no is no da point. I was feeling good that I even got to join in, plus she had loads of other super cool proper model type tingz anyway. 

The majority of garments used were all from local charity shops. Every peice was completly unique. It even had that classic charity shop smell (which I secretly love).

Here's some of the photos from the shoot! 


25 April 2014


I have been a bit vacant since starting my new blog which I'm a little disappointed at. I have had a few events that would have been perfect to get me started however here I am.

I've seen a lot of bloggers I follow start selling items on a new app called Depop. From what I can see it seems to be a much easier way of selling items instead of your typical eBay. 

It also is very aparent that the people who use depop seem to be on the same wave length. There's no old CDs of bewitched or that warehouse jersey dress that clearly has been worn at least 302 times. There's no naff sexy witch costumes or bench fleece jumpers to clogg up your searches. As it seems eBay is very much full of.

There is an abundance of little gems on the depop'ees profiles like handmade cute chokers at a ridiculously low price or scrunchies with watermelons on. Or that dinosaur t-shirt I probably had a dream about. It's slightly worrying how many things I've found on it and I've only had it downloaded approx 17 mins. 

'Your little shop in your pocket' their slogan is spot on. You find that these depop links of your favourite bloggers/people/creatures are usually kicking about on twitter or Instagram.

The app is very much set out like Instagram so it's very user friendly. Much like all them pictures you would usually like and drool over, knowing you'll never get what they have. I can like it and oh wait oh oh and buy it. It also remind me a lot of ASOS market place, however I find that site also a bit overly difficult.

So go and download depop. My user name is @cocomadeherdoit. Already i have a little pile of goodies waiting to be sold! 

Here's the main explore page which just shows how much variety they have.