25 July 2017


IOLLA make the coolest glasses and I couldn't recommend them enough. 

I've heard about this uber chic, indie little treat in Glasgow for quite some time and I never got a chance to actually make it along to the shop. Various work/baby commitments meant I kept missing the opportunity to have a sneak peak. 

IOLLA means 'sight' in the Gaelic language

When I got the email to tell me I could order online???? Answer to all my questions DONE. Wait, I felt really nervous. It's something I've never done before. What if I put in the wrong details?

My worries quickly disappeared. I just took a photo of my prescription and uploaded it to my basket. I couldn't believe how easy it was. The most difficult part was actually choosing a frame as I really loved all of them. I'm so fussy when it come to frames. I'm not a fan of any designers or the usual styles you get so I was really spoilt for choice. 

I decided to go for the BELL frames in crystal clear. I wanted something a little different and I'm so glad I went for it. I really love them! 

It was just like normal online shopping and they arrived a couple of days later! The best part they were only £65. That includes the frames, scratch resistant coating and single vision prescription lenses. It's a little more for varifocals but they break everything down on the website which is really nice as there are no hidden costs

I think next time I'll order the BELL frames again in vanilla tortoise as these were my close second. 

What do you think of my new glasses? Go check them out www.iolla.com

*thanks Iolla for my fave new specs.

8 July 2017

Why have I started taking mirror selfies?

I usually like to change what I put on Instagram depending on what's going on out with social media. I've started putting up more outfit pictures taken by me in front of the mirror. I'll try explain why.

When I started blogging I really loved putting outfits together and writing about them. My life has massively changed and I can't express myself in the same way. Social media has changed and so has blogging. Less people are reading and more people want to see things more instantly. That's what I'm doing anyway. 

As a mother it's painfully annoying for someone that loves fashion and styling so much to just throw on a pair of jeans and the same t shirt everyday. It's easy and quick therefore it works but it's not necessarily what I would like. 

Taking a photo of my outfit on Instagram instead of blogging is giving me that self expression that I used to love. It's allowing me to look into my wardrobe and pull together clothes in a different way. Probably much the same everyday but still styling slightly different. It's a quick way to enjoy clothes through Instagram as I am a very visual person. I like to see the end result. I guess this isn't really about anyone else other than sharing the same love for styling clothes.

To everyone else it may come across as anything other than the above but to me it's giving me back something that I used to love doing so much and making me think a little more about myself and what I like before I have a full day of being mummy.

11 March 2017

Guilty pleasures at The Blythswood Square Hotel

It was our anniversary this week and we were celebrating a whole 5 years together. With a baby on the scene it meant we wanted to celebrate even more. 

I was invited to experiance the new 'Guilty pleasures package' at the Blythswood Square hotel in Glasgow. We had an over night stay booked anyway along the road so it fitted in perfect with our evening. 

The Blythswood has such a good reputation and we were really excited to try it out. 

We were seated in the beautiful salon bar on the first floor which is perfect for light bites and cocktails. The staff are so friendly and really made us relax into our evening. 

The new 'Guilty Pleasures package' includes 
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Jenga chips with truffle mayo
  • Sesame glazed sausages with BBQ sauce 
  • Panko crusted confit pork fritters with pickle and grain mustard mayo
(Vegetarian and gluten free options available too) 

When I first seen the menu I did think 'oh god I'll need a burger afterwards' but I was wrong. We were both quite surprised how filling the light bites were. We didn't need any more food as it filled us up enough for our night ahead. 

First up the Jenga chips and truffle mayo. Perfectly crisp. They were really lovely and would have happily ate them all night. Truffle mayo is a new thing for me but it went really well together. 

The sausages were really good. I'm usually quite fussy with sausages as I find they usually have a weird taste but these were normal good sausages. Can you tell I'm really talented at reviewing food? 

The pork fritters were a surprise actually. I let Fraser try them first and he said they tasted really nice. They were like a pork fish cake but obviously no fish because it's pork. You should go try them because they are crunchy deliciousness. 

We were both nervous about the champagne as we are definitely rum drinkers but we both agreed it was a pleasant bottle and would have it again. 

We assumed with light bites we would have been in and out in half an hour but we were so relaxed we stayed much longer. A few hours went by whilst we were sipping champagne, nibbling away at our treats and having a much needed catch up. 

I would say this package is perfect for a snack before a night out or if your catching up with someone and your looking for a beautifully relaxed day/evening then this would work really well. 

Available Sunday - Friday from 12-10pm 

Thank you for a lovely evening, we would love to come back.


26 February 2017

Don't forget about your friends with kids

A topic that isn't spoken about much when you become a parent is loosing friends. Something that quite frankly took me by surprise and most other parents I can imagine. When your pregnant your around so much love and friends are over the moon for you but after the initial first meet of your precious new born, you never see them again? Some friends don't even meet your baby and others your lucky if it's once in a blue moon. It's real and it happens to most parents I've spoken to. It really really took me by surprise. That sudden feeling of time. What do you have time for? What do you want to make time for? 

When you become a mum or dad your whole world of course changes like everyone says, it absolutely does. Your still the same person to a degree, kind of. You want to feel like yourself, surround yourself by friends and enjoy each other's company. When you suddenly can't go out anymore or just nip for dinner, that window of opportunity kind of goes. 

For most you really rely on getting a text 'hey, how's you and the baby?'. The four walls of your home can become lonely when your in every day and up all night. You'll soon get a real sense of who's stepping up and who wants to be apart of your baby's life. You of course, understand more than anyone that your friends or people you used to see have busy life's. They absolutely do. They work hard, maintain a social life, see their family, keep healthy and general day to day things. Just like you. Just you have a little person to care for and love on top of it. 

When you have a baby you step into a different world that you once were oblivious to. Which is fair enough because your not in it? The main difference is that realisation of what life really is about. The reason I say that is because I have it growing up right in front of my eyes. That as a parent is something we want to share. We want to share our life with our family and friends, why wouldn't we? 

If old friends drift from your life after having a baby, it's normal and happens to most of us. If they want to be apart of your world again then that's lovely. It's a heavy feeling and certainly a new one to get used to. 

If you have a friend (mum or dad) who's got a baby/kids and your unsure how to go about it. They honestly will be thankful for a message. A chat whenever your free. Ask them to go a walk or go for a coffee. A catch up with or without small person(probably with as they are stuck to us). Don't just stick to seeing them on big occasions, take 30 mins out your month to do something together. If you haven't heard from them there's a good chance they are changing nappies, trying to keep on top of things, trying to at least get a shower or functioning on 3 hours sleep which means normal life can be forgotten about.  Remember they are still there even though they have a child and still would love to see you

Can any mummies and daddies relate at all? 

10 February 2017

Baby led weaning

I started our weaning journey at the recommend age of 6 months. Oliver was ready and sitting up unassisted. I done a lot of research and read up on all the choking/gagging information. I felt baby led weaning was right for us and I couldn't wait to see him eating. 

For us it was a slow start and that is completely normal. Out of all the things that can make you feel nervous as a new mother I honestly felt quite at ease introducing food. My view was to put down a few things and see how he got on. His main source of nutrition is milk so any food before the age of 1 is just for fun. That really stuck with me and put me at ease. Realistically they don't eat a lot for a good few months which is fine. I wanted him to have the choice on how much he ate and start making some tiny little decisions like sweet potato or green beans first. Hard life.

I love letting him explore with textures and all different shapes of food. He's totally in control of how much he plays with and how much he tries, which is really nice to watch. We try to be as relaxed as possible and always have a variety of things to offer him. When we first started there was a lot of gagging but we just let him get on with it and he eventually figured it out. I stuck with specific foods that I knew he could manage and build his confidence on. Once he got the hang of a couple different things, we would introduce more. 

The downside LOL-  OK I mean I really couldn't be happier we chose this method of weaning but - it will literally kill your soul how much food you need to clean up. I personally don't care about the wastage it's just the actual cleaning part. EVERYWHERE. I clean the floor, his mat, the carpets, his tray, the table and him at least 3 times a day at meal times. Every day. EVERYDAY. It's soul destroying you will hate it and wish you adopted a dog after you gave birth. When they get a bit older and stronger they will throw that black bean stir fry you made as far as they physically can. Just last week I found some crusty noodles in one of my fluffy throws.
I know this isn't for everyone and spoon feeding fits in better with other people's lifestyles which is cool. Starting the weaning process can be incredibly stressful for a lot of parents and that's normal too. We have a million different things going on and we are always so tough on ourselves so it's hard to know what we feel is best. For my little family this has fitted in perfect and we are really lucky Oliver is quite happy to eat most things or play with most things. 

If all else fails then hopefully they will figure out how to eat by the age of 10 and not throw meatballs at our faces.

How did you find the weaning process? I was thinking about writing my baby led weaning essentials as there's quite a few! Let me know if you would like me to post something.